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Bug#372147: debian-policy: s/control are/&a/; s/stats/status/; s/and/an/; s/'/"/; s/rewind/unwind/; s/fact/& that/; s/like like/look like/;

Package: debian-policy
Severity: minor

6.1. Introduction to package maintainer scripts
`postinst' script should install a `config' script in the control are,

6.4. Exit status
exit stats of these scripts and determines what action to take next

6.8. Details of removal and/or configuration purging
If this fails, the package remains in and "Installed' state
                                      ^^^          ^^^

You might also s/rewind/unwind/, for consistency, since it is the only
time "rewind" is used:

          If something fails, the following is done for error rewind:

8.1.1. `ldconfig'
     "ldconfig" to notify the system of the fact shared libraries from

9.4. Console messages from `init.d' scripts
  For example, stopping the printer daemon will like like this:
I found this one with zgrep:
  --color=always -E '(([^      -]{4,})( ?))\1' /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/policy.txt.gz

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