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Re: Bug#370471: use of "invoke-rc.d $PACKAGE stop || exit $?" in prerm scripts

Frank Küster writes ("Re: Bug#370471: use of "invoke-rc.d $PACKAGE stop || exit $?" in prerm scripts"):
> Does anybody have an idea how the description of restart could be worded
> better to make #224937 a violation of a must-clause?  It's annoying when
> maintainers insist on a clearly not-intended interpretation of policy.

I don't think the right answer to disagreeing with a maintainer about
a bug is to try to beat the maintainer over the head with the policy
manual.  If you can't agree, see if you can get a second opinion from
a friend, who may be able to help you communicate.  Most disagreements
turn out to be lack of communication or understanding.  And if that
fails there's the TC.

In this particular case I think you don't seem to be understanding
what the maintainer is saying to you.  The restart option does restart
the daemon just as expected.  The daemon has an important piece of
state which is preserved across restarts, but that's hardly unusual.
Eg, squid preserves its cache across restarts, and that isn't a bug.


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