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Bug#224509: is it the future yet? (was: Correct spurious promise regarding TTY availability)

to, 2006-06-01 kello 23:43 -0700, Ivan Kohler kirjoitti:
> Time changes things that were good decisions in the past.  Is it time 
> for policy to start catching up with DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive?  
> Isn't debconf the future?  It just seems silly to force users to write 
> expect scripts or other silly hacks to work around bugs that could be 
> avoided by fixing this policy wart.

In the mean time, we've made use of debconf to interact with users
pretty much mandatory, though I'm not currently sure if it is truly
mandatory. Only a fairly few packages remain that do it without debconf
(at least that's my experience testing things with piuparts). It should
therefore be pretty easy for us to move to a situation where a
controlling terminal is no longer guaranteed for package maintainer
scripts. This shouldn't hurt anyone, I think, and would be beneficial in
a few situations. Upgrading with cron is one; running piuparts and other
testing tools from cron would be another.

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