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Bug#140757: Looking for opportunlty

Hell-o 140757@bugs.debian.org,

Would you like at least $>1500.00 to $t3500.00 per day just for returning phone calls?
I do!
If you have a telephone and can return calls you are fully qualified for this program.

Give Us A Call 1 800 839 9032

this is a great opp>ortunlty for those who want to stay home

once again give us a caII at 1 800 839 9032

Todd Mclean

I wont con.tact you again if you are not lntere%sted

They are the people you see in your mind when you hear a song on the radio because they made you go up to the person they like and ask them to dance with them, or maybe you danced with them, maybe they stepped on your toes, or just put their head on your shoulder.

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