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Bug#291148: 'status' option should be required of init.d scripts

If bug #208010 goes too far, this bug report doesn't go far enough.
The "status" option should be required, not optional.  Only if it can be
counted on will it be useful.

I'm interested in being able to check the status of services when I
suspend and resume a laptop.  Some services must be stopped before a
suspend can happen; others must be restarted after a resume.  But in all
cases the restart-on-resume should happen only if the service was
running before the suspend.

The "hibernate" package provides nice wrappers for suspend and resume,
including the ability to stop and restart services.  But it can't
reliably restart exactly the services that were running, because it
cannot check which services were running.

The set of services actually running may not be the list that was
started automatically when the current run level was entered.  Packages
such as "whereami" may stop or start services based on the current
network environment of a portable computer.  Or the user may have
stopped or started a service manually.  So the only way to know whether
a service is running is to ask it, via a "status" option.

 < Stephen

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