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Re: Conflicts between FHS and GnuStep

* Manoj Srivastava (srivasta@debian.org) [040823 23:55]:
> On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 20:30:43 +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> said: 
> > I agree, and since the difference between 1 and 2 is not relevant
> > for Sarge, I propose option '1.5':

> 	It is, since I do not think we should be special casing a
>  policy excemption for these packages.
> >> Leave the GNUstep files as it is for Sarge, and discuss whether
> >> they need to be changed after Sarge is released
> > To be implemented by downgrading the relevant bug to important.
> 	"serious". It is still a policy violation.

Well, if we go to 1.5, the severity is a bit unsure. If we go to 1,
the severity is "closed", for 2, the severity is serious+sarge-ignore.
(But I don't care too much, I just want a clear direction to go to.)

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