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9.4 & Restarting Multiple Daemons

Requesting clarification of section 9.4: Console messages from init.d scripts.

I'm writing an init.d script & am glad of having policy for a consistent startup & shutdown. I appreciate it's detail & examples, but am stuck concerning restarting multiple daemons. The policy seems ambiguous.

A sensible example of starting multiple daemons is provided: Print " daemon-name"; start daemon; print "." when all done. By extension to restart, one might: Print " daemon-name"; restart daemon; print "." when all done.

However, it may not be possible restart daemons one at a time: A configuration change may prevent the first daemon from restarting while subsequent daemons are still using the old configuration. All daemons might need to be stopped before the first is started.

In this case, to best represent what the script is doing, & according to policy for a consistent startup & shutdown, when should " daemon-name" be printed? Before each daemon is stopped? Before each is started? Or both?

Thank you for the Debian policy, & the goodness of Debian : )


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