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Bug#232448: debian-policy: Ada Library Information files must be read-only

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 09:01:03PM +0100, ludovic.brenta@insalien.org wrote:
> The packages gnat, gnat-3.2, gnat-3.3 and several Ada library packages
> provide Ada Library Information (*.ali) files to accompany the
> compiled (static and shared) libraries.  The Ada compiler requires
> these files to be read-only for all users; otherwise, it tries to
> recompile the corresponding source files, and fails because it cannot
> place the object files in the same directory as the *.ali files.

What do you mean by 'read-only for all users' ? mode 0444 ? 0004 ?

> The Policy should state that all packages that install *.ali files
> must ensure they are read-only for all users.  For now, the Ada
> packages use post-installation scripts for this, thus bypassing checks
> made by lintian and linda.  See bugs #226879 and #227162.

Why do you need to bypass lintian and linda?

lintian and linda checks are advisory only, and you can even add a lintian
override if you feel like it.

It seems a strange use of post-installation scripts.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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