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Policy 9.2.2: s/should/must/ for add{user,group} --system?


after being bitten by packages allocating system
groups with gids > 1000, I'm filing bugreports
against these packages.

Taking into account that inexperienced admins can
have a hard time spotting and fixing the problem
when e.g.

  adduser --uid 1001 sheherazade

fails, IMHO a 'serious' bug should be filed against
an offending package ('critical' seems to strong),
but there's a 'should' in policy section 9.2.2:

    Dynamically allocated system users and groups. Packages which need a
    user or group, but can have this user or group allocated dynamically
    and differently on each system, *should use adduser --system* to
    create the group and/or user. adduser will check for the existence
    of the user or group, and if necessary choose an unused id based on
    the ranges specified in adduser.conf. 

(emphasis by me)

What do you think?

. Siggy

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