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Re: Bug#218893: Proposal: debian/rules.version file [Fix for the build-arch problem]

Hi, Branden Robinson wrote:

> I really like the debian/interfaces proposal.

I don't particularly. Its only advantage, compared to having another entry
in debian/control would be that it's easier to parse.

IMHO that's not strong enough, given that the entry affects other entries
in debian/control, and related information should be kept in the same file
if possible so that people are less likely to overlook things.

Besides, we don't have "depends" and "build-depends" and "maintainer"
files either, so why suddenly do it that way?

I don't see us changing the format of debian/control. But _if_ we ever do
that, we can rename it just as easily (debian/control.xml, or whatever
it's going to be, if ever).

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