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Re: Bug#209008: debian-policy: [PROPOSAL] common interface for parallel building in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS


> That's a lot of boilerplate, almost enough to call for a program

> I don't understand why we have an environment variable with a complex
> set of values in the first place. Surely something lile
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS_NOSTRIP would not run us out of environment space,
> and it's far easier to work with.

Yes. Maybe. There is need for a real namespace for these options.

> BTW, the link you gave appears to be to a large thread that covers a
> lot of unrlated ground. I have not found any technical problems with
> MAKE="make -jn" in it yet, but then I'm on dialup.

It was suggested in the mentioned thread. But it breaks if you set
MAKE="make -jn" in your environment and then start compiling packages,
lets say optimized packages with pentium-builder or whatever.
For example building packages that use CDBS didn't work the last time I 
tried that. AFAIK 2.4 kernels don't build if you do that, too.


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