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Re: build-depends-indep and arch: all source packages

Joey Hess wrote:
> If build-depends-indep need not be satified any time the clean target is
> run, then I can imagine that some tool might be written to rely on that,
> and only install the build-depends before building a package that is
> only arch: all.

Rather, that some tool remove the build-depends-indep before cleaning such a
package, and then expect the clean target to still work.

> Therefore it seemed to me that I should change the dozen or so arch all
> pacages I maintain to put debhelper in the build-depends (and generally
> everything in the build-depends for most of them since the split is
> useless unless the package builds both arch all and any and has a
> properly structured debian/rules -- only one of my packages bothers with
> that). When I did, linda complained:
> W: liblingua-en-words2nums-perl; Package has Build-Depends, but builds
> no arch-dependant packages.
> Is linda behind the times, or am I trying to follow policy too closely?
> Is this build-depends-indep split really of any value, or is it just
> complicating our lives for no good reason?

see shy jo

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