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Bug#208011: [PROPOSAL] UTF-8 encoding for debian/control

On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 06:43:28PM +0200, Martin Godisch wrote:
> > Your proposal says "the control fields". Description is just one, what
> > about all the others? (If it was your intent to only do this for
> > descriptions, why doesn't the proposal say so?)
> I think there should be one encoding for the entire file, anything else
> is stupid. The other control fields (other than maintainer, description,
> uploaders) currently don't need multi-byte characters, so I see no need
> to exclude them here.

I'm sure the need will arise eventually, when someone wishes to add a
non-ASCII string in a package name, section name, version string, ...
Of course, other sections of policy could and mostly do preclude this,
but if we leave it vague, people will get ideas (BTDT).

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