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Re: Bug#208011: [PROPOSAL] UTF-8 encoding for debian/control

Manoj Srivastava (2003-09-01 23:08:00 -0500) :

>   You can't change policy in such a way that would make a
> significant number of packages instantly buggy.

  Well, it would make a significant number of packages non-buggy, at
the same time.  Or do you consider the bug is in the people's name,
and they should get new ones?  I seem to remember the Maintainer:
field in the control file has to match the UID in the GPG key, so
they'd also have to create new ids with their new names (or, if they
choose not to change names, which can be a pain to do legally, create
new ids with their name deliberately misspelt).

  Tools are broken (or so it's claimed, although I have yet to see
evidence of that -- or of the contrary), policy is broken.  Both need
to be fixed.


PS: Devanagari does look nice, but why the multipart/mixed?
Especially in a thread about utf-8, that looks... awkward.
Roland Mas

Qu'est-ce qui est jaune, qui pèse deux cents kilos et qui chante ?
Un sumotori qui a bu trop de saké.

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