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Bug#176506: Proposal seconded...though very late..:-)

Op do 10-07-2003, om 18:21 schreef Christian Perrier:
> Well, I of course second this proposal, just being tracking down
> packages who do not use debconf....
> There seems to be very few of them, some with quite good reasons for
> delaying the change (see #184979 for base-passwd).
> At this time, I have found :
> anacron (lazy maintainer ?)
> base-passwd (good arguments so far !)
> (kernel-package : quite different for this one. It generates packages which do not prompt via debconf)
> php4 (Steve Langasek promises to work on it)
> and one damn package who tests for a modem, for which I raised a
> bug for (with a patch) and whose name I don't remember.. :-)
> (if people are aware of other prompting-user-but-not-using-debconf
> packages, please let me know)

exim, obviously :-)

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