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Re: Policy for 32-bit uids/gids?

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 01:15:09PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
> However, with the
> recent availability of 32-bit uids, this seems unnecessary.  I would
> suggest allocating a 16-bit range out of the remaining (2^32-2^16) uids
> for Samba's use, and the same for gids; even something as small as 5000
> uids should be ok, since admins always have the option of choosing a
> different range -- it's just a question of how useful the defaults will
> be to our users.

Is there any reason it should be a statically (and hence globally)
allocated 5000 numbers? Another way of doing it would be to have something

		1:100 debian-static
		100:999 debian-dynamic
		1000:29999 local
		30000:59999 reservedA
		60000:64999 debian-static2
		65000:65533 reservedB
		65534 nobody
		65545 reservedC
		65536:70000 samba

The theory being that:

	adduser chooses a uid from the "local" block to do its thing

	samba chooses uids from the "samba" block to do its thing

	in your postinst, you ask "how many uids may i reserve?" with a
		default answer of (say) 5000, and add that to
		/etc/reserved-uids with some sort of update-reserved-uids


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