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Bug#197835: [PROPOSAL]: integrated environments are allowed

Chris Waters wrote:
> $PAGER is a different case.  I might consider a proposal that $PAGER
> should only be used for terminal apps.  That's historically how it's
> used for the most part, anyway.  In fact, if we look around, I bet
> we'll find that most X apps ignore $PAGER, whether they're part of an
> "integrated environment" or not, and we should probably consider
> modifying policy to reflect reality here.
> But touch my $EDITOR at your peril!

One problem with EDITOR and PAGER is that an X app has no way of
knowing if the program is an X app, or if it must be run in a terminal.
BROWSER of course avoids this by using a list of programs. I suspect
that very few X apps really use EDITOR or PAGER at all, because of
this flaw in the spec.

see shy jo

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