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Bug#191411: [proposal] build-depends-indep should not be satisfied during clean target

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 06:31:31PM +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:
> > >            The `Build-Depends-Indep' and `Build-Conflicts-Indep' fields must
> > >            be satisfied when any of the following targets is invoked:
> > > +          `build', `build-indep', `binary' and `binary-indep'.
> > > -          `build', `build-indep', `clean', `binary' and `binary-indep'.
> Note that this policy change make a difference for
> arch: all source packages. For them, it is currently equivalent
> to use 'Build-Depends-Indep' and 'Build-Depends'
> With this change, it will no more be the case. Build-Depends will
> be safer since it cover clean (this trigger a lintian warning
> currently).
> It can be worthwhile to state explicitly what happen for source
> arch:all packages in the policy.

How exactly would you state that, then? Note that a footnote in this
section already says this:

[1]  If you make "build-arch" or "binary-arch", you need Build-Depends.  If
     you make "build-indep" or "binary-indep", you need Build-Depends and
     Build-Depends-Indep.  If you make "build" or "binary", you need both.

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