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Re: Status of UTF-8 Debian changelogs

On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 12:37, Bill Allombert wrote:

> 1) Changelog are required to be written in english, so non 7bit
> characters should be rare, and use of non latin-1 characters are 
> probably not a good idea. For example, writing the name of a 
> developer with japanese characters might cause problem to people 
> reading the changelog understanding who is referred to. This is
> unfortunate.

> 2) People write changelog with whatever locales they use for development.
> Requiring them to use special tool for writing changelog would be a
> pain.

For some of us, the locale encoding is UTF-8.  Besides, if you want to
continue using a legacy editor, it should be trivial to convert from
whatever locale encoding you're using into UTF-8 when building the
binary package using iconv.  Basically just something like this:

iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 debian/changelog > debian/foo/usr/share/doc/foo/changelog.Debian
gzip -9qf debian/foo/usr/share/doc/foo/changelog.Debian

>  I don't know how far lintian can check for UTF-8 encoding. 

Actually I sent in a patch for this 153 days ago.  Bug #175318.

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