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Re: "libwww-curl-perl"

Steve Kowalik wrote:
> At  8:49 pm, Monday, June  2 2003, Josip Rodin mumbled:
> > I don't know exactly why it's done that way (it was introduced long before
> > I ever became a Debian developer), but it's the scheme we use and we're
> > keeping it, for consistency and backwards compatibility (we have almost
> > 500 Perl modules packaged right now).
> > 
> Speaking of such, Perl and Java use the same scheme. But Python doesn't,
> which irks me. Surely liblinda-python would be more desirable rather than
> python-linda?

The Debian perl module naming scheme is badly designed. On other
discussions about this libwww-curl-perl thing, on debian-mentors and
later debian-perl, someone pointed out that a perl module named
C::Client would be libc-client-perl in Debian, which is horribly

I'm glad that python is (mostly) using a more sane naming scheme. It's
also rather useful to be able to type apt-get install python-<tab> and get
python modules tab completed.

The only thing the perl module naming scheme has going for it is
inertia. I would like to see two things:

- Policy proposal #114920 be accepted. This would give the maintainer of
  WWW::Curl for debian the leeway to use a more sane package name and only
  provide libwww-curl-perl.
- Convert all perl module packages to use names like perl-foo-bar, after
  the next stable release.

see shy jo

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