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Re: Small problems about the restructured Policy

On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 04:05:20PM +0200, Philippe Batailler wrote:
> Here are some questions about the text of the policy, cvs version 1.119.
> L806:
>           The package name is part of the file name of the
>           <tt>.deb</tt> file and is included in the control field
>           information.
> and is included in Package field of the "control" file?

That's the meaning, yes. I'll clarify it.

> L1294:
>             Packages which use the Debian Configuration management
>             specification may contain an additional
>             <prgn>config</prgn> script and a <tt>templates</tt>
>             file in their control archive.
> their control archive = their Debian dir?

What Bill said. I'll add a note to clarify it.

> L1674:
> Shouldn't the footnote be placed after the second paragraph?

Good idea.

> L1922:
>                 The <tt>binary</tt> target must be all that is
>                 necessary for the user to build the binary package(s)
>                 produced from this source package.  All of these
>                 targets are required to be non-interactive.  It is
>                 split into two parts: <prgn>binary-arch</prgn> builds
>                 the binary packages which are specific to a particular
>                 architecture, and <tt>binary-indep</tt> builds
>                 those which are not.
> Shouldn't the <p> start with " All of these...non-interactive."?

Actually, all of the prescribed rules need to be non-interactive, for the
sake of buildds. This is already described above, so I'll remove it (and
slightly rephrase other paragraphs to further remove the notion that
anything would be interactive).

> L2233:
> <heading>Source package control files -- <file>debian/control</file></heading>
> Why the "s" to "files"?

Because they're all referred to in plural?

> L2354:
>           When unpacking, it is checked against
>           the files and directories in the other parts of the
>           source package (see).
> see what?

I guess that a <ref> to C.3 "Source packages as archives" would be suitable
there, but I'll just remove it since that's in the appendices and not
particularly necessary anyhow.

> L2550:
>             See <ref id="pkg-debianrules"> for information how to get the
>             architecture for the build process.
> Shouldn't the link be <ref id="debianrules">?
> id="pkg-debianrules" points to id="debianrules".


> L6084:
> 	  Registration of MIME type handlers allows programs like mail
>           user agents and web browsers to to invoke these handlers to
> to to


> L8432:
>         <sect id="changelogs">
>         <heading>Changelog files</heading>
> You have not created a link to the chapt 4 : See <ref id="dpkgchangelog">.


> And chapt 4 has a link to <ref id="changelogs"> L1670 which refers to
> the appendix : a loop?

Yes, but intentional. One chapter describes the contents of the file, the
other describes its placement.

> L9490:
>           <sect1>
>           <heading>Restrictions on objects in source packages</heading>
> The paragraphs have not been removed.
> No link to chap 4 : See <sect id="restrictions">.

That's because the packaging manual section includes more than just t what
was moved into Policy.


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