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Bug#191036: create /run for programs that run before /var is mounted

Hi Bill!

You wrote:

> Thanks a lot! I will try to improve it again:
>   As an extension to the FHS, the Debian filesystem has a /run directory
>   intended to hold program state file for programs that run early during
>   the boot process when /var is not yet mounted.
>   /run must be in the root filesystem, or it must be made available at the
>   time the root filesystem would be mounted in read-write mode. It must be
>   writeable. It is not required that its content survives system reboot.

Should't the distinction between /run and /var/run be made more
explicit?  Something like:

  State files must go into /var/run unless they are needed/created before
  /var is mounted rw, in which case they must go into /run.

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