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How are you today? I am Mr. Thomas Graham and live here in Madrid-Spain. I work in one of the leading Hospitals in Spain. We had a patient who had a protracted illness and was in the Hospital for a very long time. Late Mrs. Monica Cummings was an 86 year old widow.  During her long stay in the Hospital before she passed on, I was quite fond and close to her.

She thus gave me some personal effects when she passed on. She also gave me a letter of Authorisation which enpowered me to source and identify a person or a firm who could put a Numbered Fixed (time) Deposit which she had made in a Financial Institution to use for Humanitarian Activities.  She thus gave all the necessary Deposit Coordinates and also informed the Financial Institution of this directives. I have thus recieved routine notifications from the Financial Institution on the status of the Deposit.

I did look out for a couple of well known names here and internationally who could administer these funds for Humanitarian Activities. I have right now decided to seek your assistance in the collection of these funds.  My reasons for wanting to seek your help to collect it now are thus:

I am not fully convinced if such people (who recieve such donated funds)  place all such funds for such humanitarian activities. As evident in cases after the sept. 11 donations where a lot of the donated funds where found to be grossly misappropraited by some people. Secondly, I see this as a very rare opportunity and I also intend to put into Humanitarian Activities my portion of these funds after collection.  I need you to assure me of your honest cooperation.

The Deposit value is US$3.4M and I am offering you 30% for your possible assistance and honest cooperation while I guarantee you that this will be executed under a legitimate procedure that will protect you from any breach of the Law.

I await your mail and I will furnish you with details.


Thomas Graham

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