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Bug#178809: rules for Build-Depends-Indep satisfaction make no sense

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 09:40:59PM -0400, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> 6 weeks ago, Julian Gilbey <jdg@polya.uklinux.net> wrote:
> > As things stand with the buildds, the -Indep fields are almost
> > useless, and it may actually be worth dumping the -Indep field
> > altogether.  tomcat, tomcat4, bigloo, bochs, dutch, gcc-avr,
> > grub-installer, gstreamer, httrack, hylafax, latex2rtf, libgcrypt,
> > libgnome, libgnomecanvas, libgnomeprintui, libgnomeui, librep,
> > libwnck, lilypond, ncbi-tools6, plex86, remstats, sawfish, sysstat,
> > yaboot-installer are the only packages in sid which are not
> > Architecture: all and which have a Build-Depends-Indep field.
> gri has had it for a long time.

Oops; my script was buggy.  There are at least 95 packages in sid/main
which satisfy this criterion.



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