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Asking for a new pseudo package in the BTS: l10n-french

[debian-i18n CCed for obvious reason, debian-policy CCed because I'm not
 sure anymore who decides which pseudo-package exists] 


As coordinator of the french translation team, we would like to ask for the
creation of a new pseudo package in the BTS. It would be called l10n-french,
and would be made to repport problems in french translations.

It would be possible to repport bugs using the french language. We believe
that a lot of french speaking user can't speak english enough to repport
problems in translations in english, and when they can, developpers may
hesitate about what to do about such bugs.

Using such a pseudo package, users will be able to repport easily such bugs,
tracking such bugs will be easier for team members.

Then, our team can fix by its own problems repported against the web pages,
and we can provide patches to maintainers if the problem is debian specific.

The most interesting case is when the problem is not debian specific. For
now, we have to wait for the debian maintainer to forward the problem to the
upstream author, which have in turn to forward the problem to the
translators working with him. Using the proposed mechanism, the our team
will be able to directly forward the problem to the upstream translators,
which we know in most cases.

Thanks for creating this pseudo module, or for indicating who I should ask
if I'm wrong.

Thanks, Mt.

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