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Re: /usr/lib/menu --> /usr/share/menu transition ?

Bill Allombert <allomber@math.u-bordeaux.fr> writes:

> The first step is to upload a new menu package that support menu in both
> /usr/lib/menu and /usr/share/menu. The package is ready and will be uploaded
> soon.

This seems like the wrong way to do it.  Isn't the right way to have
the maintainer script move /usr/lib/menu to /usr/share/menu and then
make /usr/lib/menu a symlink?  Eventually when all packages comply, we
remove the /usr/lib/menu symlink.

Unless I misremember, this is the technique we used for /usr/info ->
/usr/share/info.  In fact, we still seem to have the /usr/info

> What need to be decided now is whether packages will be allowed to put menufiles
> in /usr/share/menu as soon as the package is uploaded or after sarge is 
> released, or something else.

I would allow both for a transitional period; a policy update would
change the requirement to /usr/share/menu.  Note that policy updates
are not the same as instantly requiring all packages to comply -- we
do after all allow packages to lag policy a bit.

> Switching to /usr/share/menu before sarge is released will make packages harder
> to backport to woody, with few benefits for the users.

You could release a woody update on the menu package that makes
/usr/share/menu a symlink to /usr/lib/menu perhaps?

At any rate, this backporting problem I don't think is much of a real

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