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Re: Debian-Perl-Policy and .packlist?

Michael Lamertz wrote:
> I was wandering for a while now why the ExtUtils::Installed module that
> comes with perl-modules doesn't work.  Some days ago I noticed the
> Debian-Perl-Policy which says:
>     ".packlist files should not be installed."
> There's no reason given why this is policy, but it breaks the
> functionality of perls legal way to test the runtime environment, and I
> don't think that this is a Good Thing (tm).
> Is there anything one can do about that?

Don't .packlist files get added to if another module is installed in the
same subdirectory? It's been a while since I looked at them, but that
would make it incompatable with our packaging system. You'll probably
have better luck with this question on debian-perl, so I am ccing there.

see shy jo

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