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Bug#106073: debian-policy: please specify installation locations for -doc packages

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

[ I see, this bug is already reported, so let this be a reply... ]

Several packages are divided into package and package-doc, some even
in package-doc-html or something like that, but the documentation
files are installed in different locations at the maintainers
discretion. If you install exim-tls and exim-doc-html, then you will
probably search


for the html files. Policy doesn't specify this. Some examples:

  apache-doc   : /usr/share/doc/apache
  exim-doc-html: /usr/share/doc/exim


  bind9-doc    : /usr/share/doc/bind9-doc
  gnupg-doc    : /usr/share/doc/gnupg-doc
  grub-doc     : /usr/share/doc/grub-doc
  htdig-doc    : /usr/share/doc/htdig-doc
  mysql-doc    : /usr/share/doc/mysql-doc

Please specify the correct location in paragraph 13.3 of the policy.
I prefer the first variant, because you didn't need to know, whether
there is some kind of -doc package directory you have to look in.

changelog, changelog.Debian, and copyright file of package-doc
should still be put into /usr/share/doc/package-doc, just the data
files I wish to be located in /usr/share/doc/package. Thank you!

Kind regards,


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