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Bug#32263: Splitting CGI-BIN


        Fine. Y'all have convinced me that the proposed solution is
  correct, and we do not need to provide distinct name spaces for
  system vs user scripts.

	Have we decided on whether aj's proposed changes (below) are
 what we reached a consensus on?
                 <packages dump CGI scripts in here willy-nilly>
                 <packages make symlinks to /usr/lib/cgi-bin/blah in postinst,
                  based on some setting in /etc/ somewhere>
 So that admins can just rm symlinks to scripts they don't need, or,
 if they want to be absolutely sure they don't get any cgi-bin scripts
 they don't want, change the config file.
	Hmm. What happens if I remove a symlink, and then the package
 is upgraded?

 Manoj>         So, as an early adopter, I start using /usr/lib/cgi-bin, it
 Manoj>  won't work until the web servers have done so. Hmm. perhaps
 Manoj>  we should recommend web servers provide the script alias, but
 Manoj>  warn packagers not to use it until web servers have
 Manoj>  transitioned.

 Brian> By "I start using", you mean as a package maintainer?  If so,
 Brian> then you are correct.  It's important that the webserver
 Brian> packages get updated first, then we can get to the real goal
 Brian> converting packages to use cgi-lib so that webmasters can set
 Brian> <webroot>/cgi-bin to be ~www-data/cgi-bin (or whatever they
 Brian> prefer).  Whew!

	Umm. Again, if the packages set symlinks, we do not need to
 wait for the webservers first, do we? I mean, the symlink shall br
 created in postinst, and thus the cgi-program shall continue to exist
 in <webroot>/cgi-bin/blah, irrespective of whether the web server has

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