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Re: Bug#127809: dpkg doesn't know about Enhances: - yes it does


        I don't see why this is a bug at all, whether in dpkg or in
 policy. As wichert mentioned in another thread, dpkg is more than a
 mere implementation of policy. And policy is more than a mere
 documentation for dpkg and apt. 

	Policy mentions enhances as a means of declaring a dependency
 relationship. It does not say that it shall be paid any attention to
 by dpkg, apt, and friends. 

	In time, support for this field shall come in the tools. In
 the meanwhile, the field functions well enough to let humans know
 that some package enhances the functionality of some other package. I
 fail to see how that can be considered negative. 

	There are packages that are using this field, and I would not
  remove the field from policy where there is, in my opinion, no

	I am hereby closing this report.

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