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CVS srivasta: * Fixed some broken hrefs in links

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-policy
Module name:	debian-policy
Changes by:	srivasta	Sat Aug 31 01:20:12 MDT 2002

Modified files:
	.              : debian-policy-process.desc menu-policy.sgml 
	                 perl-policy.sgml policy.sgml 
	debian         : changelog control 

Log message:
* Fixed some broken hrefs in links
* No longer use local debiandoc stuff (it's been fixed upstream)
* Added table of contents (index.html) to policy-process.sgml, fixing
  the new error reported to bug #137521                    closes: Bug#137521
* Fixed a couple of typos                                  closes: Bug#139832
* Ran through the policy document looking for long instances of text in
  the <tt> tag, and changed it to <file> where appropriate. This is
  since the <file> tag can handle line breaking, but the <t> flag does
  not.                                                     closes: Bug#139820
* Change the requirement to ask permission to make devices to merely
  requiring a notification.                                closes: Bug#106280
* Added a build dependson docbook utils.                   closes: Bug#154660
* Since this is being built with a newer version of debiandoc-sgml, this
  should display better with lynx.                         closes: Bug#153704
* Add in the crypto-in-main amendment.          closes: Bug#81852, Bug#144411
* we no longer have task packages, instead, we define tasks using a
  special field in the control file (and these should be added only
  after discussion on the mailing lists)                    closes: Bug#97755
* Clarify wording in the section for packages providing fonts.
  closes: Bug#109672
* Fix the doc base file for policy process     closes: Bug#137521, Bug#147554
  closes: Bug#146756
* using set -e is not dubious advice. Rejecting this.      closes: Bug#139969
* Make the directory one is building under ./debian/ be up to the
  maintainer, instead of mandating ./debian/tmp/           closes: Bug#144297
* Add a standards version                                  closes: Bug#145067
* Added virtual package debconf-2.0                        closes: Bug#151328
* Added The Window Manager Specification Project support to the default
  window manager selection mechanism                       closes: Bug#155680
* The confusion between /var/mail and /var/spool/mail seems to have been
  disambiguated.                                           closes: Bug#114949
* Mention the new Build-Depend-Indep semantic and the new
  build-indep/build-arch rules in upgrading checklist      closes: Bug#116134
* Made package naming rules in policy consistent. I did not eliminate
  the duplication, since I don't want to make major changes to the flow,
  since we are supposed to be re-writing policy anyway.    closes: Bug#131441
* Clarified wording about cases where we may have concrete and virtual
  packages with the same name.                             closes: Bug#134977
* Fixed typo 'be be'                                       closes: Bug#138681
* Fixed typo in appendix G -- example of diversion         closes: Bug#140697
* fix typo shlib: -> shlibs:                               closes: Bug#141903
* Provide a link between two sections dealing with virtual packages.
  closes: Bug#143770
* Fixed xtifr's email address in the menu policy           closes: Bug#152965
* Allow shared library names to be have a hyphen between library name
  and soversion if the library name ends in a number.      closes: Bug#100472
* Permit some libraries to only install static libs.       closes: Bug#100346
* Remove the debug option, add noopt           closes: Bug#157131, Bug#113525
* provide dhcp-client virtual package.                     closes: Bug#154142
* We do not need bits in policy that ``should not be enforced''.
  closes: Bug#150456
* We are building this with the latest debianndoc-sgml.    closes: Bug#146703
* Finish incorporating all of the accepted changes in Bug#72335, and
  this                                         closes: Bug#141307, Bug#156546
* Added virtual package aspell-dictionary                  closes: Bug#139067
* Added virtual package radius-server                      closes: Bug#118608
* Clarifying manual pages is not a policy issue.           closes: Bug#112828
* Corrected the ldconfig handling instructions.            closes: Bug#111025
* Not a policy issue.                                      closes: Bug#106826
* Removed the /usr/doc/ symlink clause.          closes: Bug#47298, Bug#69311

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