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Interim update of policy planned for this weekend

Hi folks,

	I shall be making an interim update of policy, including at
 least the /usr/doc transition changes, and invoke-rc.d changes.  I'll
 also go through the BTS and include changes that have been accepted.

	I am still not fully functional after my relocation, and I
 probably won't have time to dredge through the mailing list archives
 or the rest of the BTS trying to determine which issues have reached
 conclusion. If you have a pet update that has reached near consensus
 here, please drop me a note, preferably with a pointer to the bug
 report and the diff vs current policy.

	I'm deferring the rewrite of the policy until later this
 month, or early next month, and we'll start fleshing out the tables
 of content for the documents policy is being refactored into, and
 perhaps go over the current policy, section by section, and reach an
 understanding of where that section belongs.

	thanks for listening

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