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Bug#157131: Bug#113525: Bug#157131: [PROPOSAL] Suggest to minimize optimization when DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS contains "debug"

On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 20:35, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Note that many packages don't currently do this.  I often had to do 
> horrible things to Makefiles to get a binary with debugging symbols.
> I speak in past tense because I usually don't bother to do this anymore.
> So listen up, maintainers: if you want my bugreports to contain thorough
> investigations and a patch, then make it easy to build a version with
> debug information.


> s/minumum/minimum/

I have a very hard time seeing my own typos :)  Thanks.

> That said, "minimum possible amount" might be too strong.  If a package
> does not work right without optimization (which IMHO is a bug in itself),
> then trying to find the minimum is a lot of work that could be more
> usefully spent on something else.  It's also error-prone.  

How about we just change "the minimum possible amount of" to "a minimum
of"?  We obviously don't expect maintainers to try the each element in
the power set of compiler flags in order to figure out which options
produce the least optimization, just something reasonable that lowers
optimization (as you say, in order to make step-by-step debugging

> I would also do s/implies/means/ here.


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