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Re: /usr/doc

On Sat, Jul 20, 2002 at 09:10:34PM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> > (What about /usr/info <-> /usr/share/info ?)
> /usr/info/dir was just recently moved, with dpkg 1.10.  That file is now a
> symlink to /usr/share/info/dir.  Once all files are moved from
> /usr/info(there's a few left), and all info browsers read from
> /usr/share/info/dir, then we can link the dir.

That's about linking from base-files, I guess. For individual systems,
dpkg's postinst already does this, on the first try.

if [ -d /usr/info -a ! -L /usr/info -a ! -L /usr/info/dir ]; then
        echo Moving /usr/info/dir to /usr/share/info/dir.
        mv /usr/info/dir /usr/share/info/dir
        if [ -f /usr/info/dir.old ]; then
                mv /usr/info/dir.old /usr/share/info/dir.old
        if [ "`find /usr/info -empty`" = "/usr/info" ]; then
                echo Making /usr/info a symlink to /usr/share/info.
                rmdir /usr/info
                ln -s share/info /usr/info
                echo Making /usr/info/dir a symlink to /usr/share/info/dir.
                ln -sf ../share/info/dir /usr/info/dir

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