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Re: Bug#155105: Version upgrades in stable

"John R. Daily" <john@geekhavoc.com> writes:

> The docbook (DocBook DTD) package in woody is a candidate release
> for 4.2, and as such is less useful and probably more troublesome
> than the real thing.  I cannot state exactly how troublesome
> without a working knowledge of catalogs.

What is the real basis for this claim?  In fact, I would bet the
docbook 4.2CR2 is very close and almost identical to DocBook 4.2.
Furthermore, it can be addressed as DocBook 4.2.

> Given that this should never have made it into a stable release,

I disagree with that statement.

> and the complete lack of problems to users of the software that
> an upgrade to the real 4.2 would cause, how difficult would it be
> to get the package bumped to 4.2 in the first update to stable?

You would have to ask the archive maintainers, not the Policy group.

> Are version upgrades in stable against policy or Policy?

Against the policy of the archive maintainers.  See
<URL:http://www.debian.org/intro/organization>, under FTP Archive.

Anyhow, since the package, docbook, doesn't have a 4.2 version yet in
the archive at all, you'll have to wait.  In fact, you should wait
until it's propogated down to the 'testing' distribution.  Then and
only then you could try to contact the ftp-masters and ask if they
would update stable with the proper 4.2 version.

But honestly I'm sure they'll say "no", and I agree with them.  You
would need to cite an actual problem which happens if someone uses
4.2CR2 rather than 4.2.

Otherwise, John, I think you're just obsessing that the numbers are
right, and we're all too busy to worry about such trivialities.  The
functionality is the thing.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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