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Re: /usr/doc

On Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Santiago Vila wrote:

> Adam Heath wrote:
> > /usr/info/dir was just recently moved, with dpkg 1.10.  That file is now a
> > symlink to /usr/share/info/dir.
> We should not need /usr/info/dir as a symlink. install-info works ok
> without the symlink, the standard info browser does not need it
> either, and any other remaining info reader which does not support
> /usr/share/info/dir is buggy and should be fixed. We should rather
> discover ASAP such buggy info readers by removing /usr/info/dir to
> make them fail. That's a completely acceptable (temporary) breakage
> for unstable.

Er, this symlink was just recently made.  Which means all existing browsers
still use /usr/info/dir.

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