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Re: Policy ambiguity regarding control files

"John R. Daily" <john@geekhavoc.com> immo vero scripsit:

> According to section 3.1 of Policy:
> Except where otherwise stated only a single line of data is
> allowed and whitespace is not significant in a field
> body.
> Section 7.1, which describes the syntax for relationship fields,
> does not state that any of those fields are an exception to the
> single-line rule, and thus build-depends would seem to be
> required to be a single line.
> However, the example at the end of section 7.1 shows a
> build-depends line with an explicit line break.
> What is the intended policy?

I think the restriction existed because there were tools that
didn't support te line breaks.

However, most tools now do support multi-line Build-Depends.
A portion of policy can probably be updated, to 
explicitly allow Build-Depends* fields to have multiple


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