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Re: Bug#144046: general: Sections are not finely grained

On 27-Apr-02, 04:56 (CDT), Erich Schubert <erich@debian.org> wrote: 
> > How about using the trove software map. (by esr IIRC.)
> Was already discussed before, too.
> I have a dump of freshmeat's trove map.
> But actually it's pretty useless IMHO.
> Their categories are badly balanced. Some categories have hundrets of
> entries, some have just few.

That doesn't mean the categories are bad. It just means that some
categories are more popular targets of free software developers than
others. In particular, it's likely that only further useful subdivision
of some of the popular categories is by quality, not functionality (e.g.
dividing category foo into foo/goodstuff and foo/crap). Particular
examples of this are (probably, I haven't actually gone and counted) IRC
clients and MP3 players. And HTTP daemons.

Steve Greenland

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