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Bug#143941: define a usable character set for description/maintainer name etc.

Package: debian-policy

I propose the following amendment to policy. The exact wording may need
a little more working.

Currently, the text encoding of the policy is undefined, 
it might be better.

--- policy.sgml.orig    Mon Apr 22 04:37:51 2002
+++ policy.sgml Mon Apr 22 04:39:34 2002
@@ -1475,7 +1475,9 @@
          Each paragraph consists of a series of data fields; each
          field consists of the field name, followed by a colon and
-         then the data/value associated with that field.  It ends at
+         then the data/value associated with that field.  
+         The text is constructed of valid utf-8 characters.
+         It ends at
          the end of the line.  Horizontal whitespace (spaces and
          tabs) may occur immediately before or after the value and is
          ignored there; it is conventional to put a single space

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