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Bug#139067: debian-policy: aspell-dictionary virtual package name proposed

>>"Domenico" == Domenico Andreoli <cavok@filibusta.crema.unimi.it> writes:

 Domenico>   I propose that a virtual package named aspell-dictionary
 Domenico> be adopted to refer to all of the aspell dictionaries. We
 Domenico> have 8 of them already packaged but more are still in the
 Domenico> wild.

 Domenico> Comments are welcome.

	Well, I am not going to upload a new version of policy in this
 freeze for just virtual package names ;-).  I suggest the aspell
 dictionary packages start using the virtual package name (you don't
 need it in policy to start using it).  We can put it into policy next
 update, which may well be post woody.

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