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Bug#48045: normal and non-US names

The 'normal' component by itself should be called 'crippled'.
'Crippled': A damaged or defective object or device.

The 'non-US' component should be called 'enhance' (or something else).
'Enhance':  To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness;

When both 'crippled' and 'enhance' are combined it is the 'whole' or
'normal' distribution.

I dont like 'restricted' (another suggestion) for 'non-US', because i think
implies something negative, or unneccessary about something that should be
perceived as better.
I _really_ dislike the name 'non-US'

I think calling the 'normal' component 'crippled' will make it easy for
users to realise that they are missing something that adds features, they
will thus make more effort to seek out the stuff various governments dont
want people to have.
'crippled' is a negative word, and may cause some small initial confusion,
but we can use it to our advantage, and it should be less confusing than
(All this is mute if they do get merged, but im not going to hold my breath
watiing for that)


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