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marking 111025 as an amendment

retitle 111025 [AMENDMENT 2001-09-10] correcting ldconfig policy in Chapter 9
close 111025

The proposal in <[🔎] 20010908185556.B1750@nyongwa.montreal.qc.ca> by Steve
M. Robbins has been seconded by:
	Branden Robinson	<[🔎] 20010910091710.B5286@deadbeast.net>
	Julian Gilbey		<[🔎] 20010910171627.B6761@polya>
	Herbert Xu		<[🔎] 20010911074002.A13923@gondor.apana.org.au>

I propose a one-week discussion period, but will defer to whatever the
original proposer's preference is on this matter.

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