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Bug#111025: debian-policy: typo in chapter 9: ldconfig and pre/post scripts

On 05-Sep-01, 16:52 (CDT), Herbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au> wrote: 
> Vociferous Mole <vmole@leary.csoft.net> wrote:
> > So? Isn't it a bug? This isn't a case of a policy change creating a bug,
> > but of a existing bug being highlighted by the policy clarification.
> It doesn't break anything, so it's not a bug.

I thought we just established that calling ldconfig during 'postinst
upgrade' is wrong. Therefore, "all packages simply doing a ldconfig
in their postinst" (as you wrote, and which I interpreted as "without
checking their arguments") are doing the wrong thing during an upgrade.
If that is not what you meant, please clarify. I don't see how the
proposed change causes a problem for packages that aren't already doing
calling ldconfig inappropriately.


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