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Bug#106280: Bug#111088: postinst creates device nodes without permission, policy violation

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 11:28:15AM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> Mark Brown wrote on Tue Sep 04, 2001 um 09:30:53AM:

> > MAKEDEV is a conffile.

> Did I miss something?

> cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/makedev.conffiles 
> /etc/init.d/makedev

No, I did.  Sorry.

> > The discussion is about the requirement to ask permission being replaced
> > by a requirement to notify the user.  #106280 in case we're looking at
> > different things.

> There are many proposals and comments, but no clear decisions.

The only messages I can see in the bug log prior to yours support
changing the status quo.  That seemed like a pretty clear consensus.

> > On the other hand, policy is supposed to reflect what we actually do.

> Yes, it should. But it is frozen now.

Hmm...  a post to -devel-announce wouldn't have gone amiss.

> > aspect of policy doesn't appear to be terribly well supported in either
> > implementation or people's heads we probably ought to decide if we want
> > to fix policy or pay attention to policy consistently.

> Follow this discussion in the mailing list please. I see the policy
> violation so I report it.

See my prior post to -policy.  I don't really care that much if we do
this or not[1] but I feel it's important that we act consistently.  If
we do it partially then we create the expectation that we will ask but
don't deliver on it, increasing the chances of nasty surprises.

If policy is frozen it looks like an audit of device creations is called

[1] Well, actually I'd much rather not have lots questions or be able to
    configure it in something like MAKEDEV, but for the time being...

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