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Re: debconf dilemma

On 04 Sep 2001 12:38:32 +1000, Brian May wrote:
>     Scott> critical or grave issues.  Put other information in either
>     Scott> the README.Debian or other documentation, such as the
>     Scott> release notes.
> Strongly disagree for a number of reasons. Remember, that
> README.Debian isn't available for pre-configuration.
But, neither was debconf purpoused to becoming documentation for users
during configuration.  Telling users to reference something like
README.Debian works in all situations except for those in the very
earliest stages of system installation.

I would much rather see debconf become the ultimate package
configuration utility, but not an excuse to not read the documentation.

Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> <sdier@debian.org>
http://www.ringworld.org/  #linuxos@irc.openprojects.net

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