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Bug#111025: debian-policy: typo in chapter 9: ldconfig and pre/post scripts

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist


In chapter 9, the last two paragraphs of the first section discuss
when to call "ldconfig" for packages that install shared libs.

The penultimate paragraph mentions POSTinst and POSTrm. 
The last paragraph then mentions PREinst, but that is
a typo that should really be POSTinst.

--- policy.sgml.orig	Sun Sep  2 22:50:21 2001
+++ policy.sgml	Sun Sep  2 22:52:26 2001
@@ -3718,7 +3718,7 @@
-	However, <prgn>postrm</prgn> and <prgn>preinst</prgn> scripts
+	However, <prgn>postrm</prgn> and <prgn>postinst</prgn> scripts
 	<em>must not</em> call <prgn>ldconfig</prgn> in the case where
 	the package is being upgraded (see <ref id="unpackphase"> for
 	details), as <prgn>ldconfig</prgn> will see the temporary


For reference, here is the current full text of the two paragraphs.

    Any package installing shared libraries in one of the default
    library directories of the dynamic linker (which are currently
    /usr/lib and /lib) or a directory that is listed in
    /etc/ld.so.conf[29] must call ldconfig in its postinst script if
    the first argument is configure and should call it in the postrm
    script if the first argument is remove.

    However, postrm and preinst scripts must not call ldconfig in the
    case where the package is being upgraded (see Details of unpack
    phase of installation or upgrade, Section 6.5 for details), as
    ldconfig will see the temporary names that dpkg uses for the files
    while it is installing them and will make the shared library links
    point to them, just before dpkg continues the installation and
    renames the temporary files!

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Kernel Version: Linux riemann 2.4.9 #1 Wed Aug 22 13:17:14 EDT 2001 i686 unknown

Versions of the packages debian-policy depends on:
ii  fileutils      4.1-7          GNU file management utilities.

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