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Re: Software Licenced Under a Specific Version of GPL

Santiago Vila wrote:
> [ In reply to last Manoj's message ]
> Ok, let's suppose that we do things gradually, as you suggest.
> [ I'm trying to delegate the decision to the policy group, if possible ]
> Let's consider the following proposal:
>   The GPL file in base-files should better be renamed to "GPL-2" and
>   GPL should be a symlink pointing to it.
> [ The proposal is independent of whatever step may come afterwards if/once
>   it is implemented ].
> I will gladly implement it if it gets the approval of the policy
> group, which, for this particular proposal, I understand it as three
> seconders (since I'm not proposing it myself) and no objections.

If Ari will propose this (it is his problem, after all) I am happy to be
one of the seconders.

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