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Bug#109171: Use Maildir format by default


	I am not sure this is a good timing for this to be a policy
 proposal. Please read on to see why I think so.

>>"Cesar" == Cesar Eduardo Barros <cesarb@nitnet.com.br> writes:

 Cesar> Debian uses the traditional mailbox style by default. 
	[ Snip reasons for why this is not a good idea ]

 Cesar> My proposal is to:

 Cesar> 1. Use the maildir format by default for storage of the user's
 Cesar>    incoming mail.  This means both the MTA must be configured
 Cesar>    for maildir by default (e.g. in eximconfig) and all the
 Cesar>    MUAs must be able to grok it without needing any manual
 Cesar>    configuration

	This is not a policy related proposal -- until we are sure
 that the MUA's can handle the Maildir format, and the MTA's can be
 configured to use it as well, this proposal is unlikely to fly. This
 is not something that can be accomplished by merely changing policy
 -- and indeed, you do not need to change policy in order to get this
 accomplished in the first case.

	Once we have the MTA's and the MUA's changed to be able to be
 configured to use the MAILDIR format, we can go ahead and formulate
 the policy for it. 

	I am not very familiar with the status of the various MUA's
 out there in Debian, so I am not sure how close we are. 

 Cesar> 2. Use the maildir format to store the user folders by default
 Cesar>    if the user's MUA allows it

	The users mail is spooled by the MTA (using the MDA). How is
 the MDA supposed to know if the users MUA of the week is able to grok
 this format? 

 Cesar> The issues are:
 Cesar> - Debian is about choice. So, of course mailbox vs maildir
 Cesar>   will end up being a configuration question. Just make
 Cesar>   maildir the default, please.

	Well, as long as we are sure that the various mail related
 subsystems on Debian can actually do this. Are we?

 Cesar> - Standards for where to put the user's incoming mail/where in
 Cesar>   $HOME to put the folders. I believe most programs which use
 Cesar>   maildir already share common places, but putting them in
 Cesar>   policy would be good.

	Well, documenting standard practice whould not be a bad idea.

 Cesar> - Making programs which can't use it yet be able to use it

	This has to be done before we mandate it in policy.

 Cesar> - Somehow making programs able to guess which is the mbox/mdir
 Cesar>   choice of the day (perhaps using debconf).

	Again, this has to be done before it can be mandated in a
 policy proposal. 

 Cesar> - Dealing with indecise people who change the default while
 Cesar>   the system is live

	I think these issues need to have a consensus solution before
 we can go on with a formal proposal/amendment

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