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Re: Bug#102917: please change priority

> I disagree with this proposal on a number of grounds:
> 1) There is more than one implementation of libGL available in Debian;
> bumping one to standard would require choosing one.
> 2) If Xlib is optional, I would be hard pressed to believe that libGL
> should be standard.
> 3) Surely we can be conformant with the standard in some, but not all,
> configurations.  Folks setting up Debian based firewalls/routers/etc.
> almost certainly have no need for a GL library.
> I urge deviation from the LSB if Anand is describing it correctly.

I agree with Branden here, all of his concerns are valid.  Certainly the LSB
does not force every Linux machine to be a workstation.  This would force the
numerous Debian web/news/mail server installations around the world to install
openGL which is just silly.

Now, if we have a 'Workstation' setup, it should install some form of GL,
probably xlibmesa.

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