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Re: Resolving policy and practice wrt sbin directories (traceroute)

On 26-Jun-01, 23:02 (CDT), Rene Weber <rene_deblist@elvenlord.com>
>  Do we really mean "must" for FHS compatibility if we are advocating
> ignoring its directives for the sbin directories?

Will you *please* stop harping on this? A substantial percentage of us
think we *are* following the FHS w.r.t. sbin and traceroute. You don't
agree, that's fine, but please stop making this statement as if your
opinion is unarguable fact.

I personally don't *care* where the actual binary is, so long as it is
accessible via /usr/sbin/traceroute (because removing that *will* break
things, as has been explained multiple times). The point is that the
FHS, *as published* (v2.2), says nothing specific about traceroute. Any
private communications you have had with FHS developers are irrelevant
to Debian Policy unless and until the FHS is modified. If and when
that happens, I will support you 100% in getting the binary moved (so
long as the link in /usr/sbin remains). In the meantime, the package
maintainer believes that traceroute is an administrator program, and
belongs in /usr/sbin. That is his perogative: see the constitution. If
your response to that is "But he's in violation of the FHS", please go
back and re-read the preceding paragraph.



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